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SMU - Sound Math Utils

Sound utilities

Windows command prompt


      SMU is a group of small programs for Windows command prompt. Each program does audio calculations. The programs are standalone or can be used trough a menu. They should work on Windows 32 and 64-bit systems. Here is the list of programs:

1 AMP2DB It converts raw amplitude to dBs
2 DB2AMP It converts dBs to raw amplitude
3 AMP2DBFS It converts raw amplitude to dB in full scale (dBFS)
4 DBFS2AMP It converts dB in full scale (dBFS) to raw amplitude
5 WATT2DB It converts Watts to dBs
6 DB2WATT It converts dBs to Watts
7 DBISL It finds the amplitude [dB] according to the inverse square law
8 HZ2MIDI It converts Hz to MIDI numbers
9 MIDI2HZ It converts MIDI numbers to Hz
10 OVERT It calculates the frequency of overtones in periodic sounds
11 AM It calculates the sidebands frequency in AM synthesis
12 FM It calculates the sidebands frequency in FM synthesis
13 OCTAVE It divides the octave in equal parts
14 BEATS It calculates the beat frequency between two sine waves
15 CENTERBP It calculates the center frequency of a bandpass filter
16 ECHO It calculates the time interval between echoes
17 DOPPLER It calculates the frequency of Doppler shift
18 STWAVES It calculates the frequencies of standing waves in a room

Download SMU (version 1.1) size 604554 bytes


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