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Csound Ripper

Utility to rip Csound orchestra files with multiple instruments

Dos platforms



      Csound Ripper is a small utility (for Windows Command Prompt) which attempts to manage Csound orchestra files with multiple instruments, avoiding the tedious job to cut and edit every instrument on single text files. At the same time it creates a score file for each instrument, where only the notes for that instrument are written: this should be especially useful in certain Csound score files with a large amount of notes, to put together the notes of each instrument. For example, the program can be used when you need to extract instruments from Csound music works, in order to listen the sounds produced by single instruments. Two options are also available for editing: it is possible to delete comment lines or to replace multiple spaces with tabs in orchestra and score files.

Download Csound Ripper  size 9857 bytes



Utility to encode/decode a soundfile

Dos platforms


      Cryptosound is a soundfile encoder/decoder, useful to create and to send encrypted secret messages. It works with granular synthesis, shuffling the grains of a soundfile with three encoding processes. Later the grains can be reordered to get the original file. Cryptosound makes use of a couple of random generators, including the possibility to generate true random values. To have the maximum security it is better to use true random values and very small unpredictable grains durations (for example 0.001548). Your computer, to use this small software, should not be connected to the Internet or to a Wi-fi network.

Download Cryptosound  size 12743 bytes

Download Cryptosound b (a version with a different RNG), 12877 bytes

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