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Luca Pavan


 Luca Pavan was born in 1969 in Rome - Italy. He accomplished musical studies in Latina (Italy) at the Conservatory of Music "Ottorino Respighi". In 1992 he got a Degree of Pianoforte, in 1996 a Degree of Electronic Music, in 1997 a Degree of Music Composition. He also got a Bachelor's Degree in History of Music in 1999, at the Faculty of Arts of the 1st University of Rome "La Sapienza", with a final thesis about the Lithuanian painter/composer M. K. Ciurlionis. His compositions were performed in Italy and other countries. Among other things in 1993 he collaborated to a new orchestration of the opera Lo frate ‘nnamorato by G. B. Pergolesi (1710-1736), which was performed in Rome in the same year. In 1995 one of his digital music work (Code, 1994) was selected for a performance during the XI Colloqium on Musical Informatics (Bologna, 1995). The piece Zone d'ombra (1995-96) was selected for performance at the International Computer Music Conference ‘97 (Thessaloniki, 1997). In 1998 he was Government of Canada Award Holder at the Simon Fraser University (Burnaby - Vancouver, Canada). In the same year his music were performed in France, in 1999 at the International Computer Music Conference ‘99 (Beijing, China). The piece The Impossible Planet also appears in The Csound Book (Mit Press, 2000, edited by R. Boulanger). Presently he lives in Vilnius (Lithuania) and teached for two years at the Klaipeda University. His last pieces were performed in Lithuania. Some of his pieces are published on CD by the label Bajka Music. He is the author of a multichannel system called Psound. In the last pieces he makes use of a new microtonal composition system. He wrote several programs for Csound, among them the score generator MCCs (1997-2018) and EQbuilder (2017), a generator of equalizers and stereo enhancers of arbitrary sizes. In 2020 he invented a new kind of generative music technique based on random loops (examples here).


Luca Pavan digital music selection:

  • Zone d'ombra (1995-96)

  • In Aulanko (1996)

  • The Impossible Planet (1997)

  • Four Town Landscapes (1998)

  • Euro! (1999-2000)

  • The Legend of Amber (2002)

  • Radio FM (2002)

  • Looking at Sunset (2002, piano and computer, computer only)

  • Lights of the Night Time (2003, amplified cello and computer)

  • Et latet et lucet (2004, soprano and computer)

  • España suite (2004, computer and guitar, computer only)

  • Katedra (2007)

  • Ethos (2008)

  • Ensemble électrique (2009)

  • Un nuovo mondo (2010)

  • I mostri del Sacro Bosco (2012)

  • Danza (2013)

  • Sahara (2015)

  • Mistral (2018)

  • Studio sui microtoni (2019)

  • Wellness Music (2019)

  • Strade (2021)

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